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Quick start V1.4

From OneCMDB

  1. Download and install the OneCMDB software
    1. If upgrading from an older OneCMDB version, see Known Problems V1.4.
    2. On Windows, double click the setup file and follow the instructions. Administrator rights are needed
    3. On Linux, unzip and untar the setup file using the shell command

tar -xfz <name of setup file>

  1. The setup will install all necessary software and start OneCMDB
    1. Note that you must press a keyboard key twice in the start command console during setup
    2. Also note that OneCMSB requires free ports 8080 and 8009
  2. When OneCMDB has booted, a web browser with the OneCMDB GUI will appear
NOTE: Default login credentials for OneCMDB 1.3.0 are:
  • username=admin
  • password=123
  1. Press the "Basic Data Center" link in the History window
  2. You are now at the top level in the default CMDB model. Note that this model contains a dummy data center (Acme, Inc.) with a few CI:s for demonstration purposes
  3. Now you can view and edit the CMDB model and configuration data as you like
  4. At this point you may like to discover your own network. Try the Discover utility:
  • On Windows: The Discover utility is started from the Start menu
  • On Linux: The Discover utility is a script in the OneCMDB directory

When you have familiarized yourself with OneCMDB and like to switch to the Advanced Model and work with it, see the Quick start Advanced page.

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