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Known Problems V1.4

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Running Startup I get a command console but nothing more?

You must click "Continue" twice in the start command console before the GUI (web browser) opens up.

The web browser seems to wait for something after running Startup?

Startup will launch a local web server and it may take 1-2 minutes before it's loaded all data. Also, the very first time you visit a page the web server will make some run-time compilation of the JSP.

I'm running the job "Discover my Network" but nothing is discovered?

  1. Make sure you are trying to discover the right network. You specify the network in a parameter in the discover script.
  2. Make sure your local firewall doesn't block the program nmap to send requests to the network.
  3. Make sure the target systems you want to discover doesn't have firewall settings blocking ICMP(ping)

A CI is not added to my list attribute?

You must press the [Add] button after chosing a CI from the drop-down menu, before submitting the form by pressing [Apply].

A manually created CI is not added to a folder?

You have to add your CI manually to the folder. To add CI to a folder, e.g. see add server to computers' folder.
We intend to develop a more dynamic folder concept that automatically lists a new CI.

I installed new version of OneCMDB but can't see the new functions?

If you installed the new v1.1 over an old version without first uninstalling, the two GUI versions will exist in parallell. You can verify this by browsing to the new via http://localhost:8080/onecmdb. It's not recommend to run two GUIs in parallell (not tested), therefor follow these instruction to correct the problem:

  1. Stop OneCMDB
  2. Move to OneCMDB web server "webapps" directory
    1. cd <onecmdb_install_dir>/tomcat-5.5.17/webapps/
  3. Rename file "ROOT.war" to "ROOT.war.old"
  4. Rename file "onecmdb.war" to "ROOT.war"
  5. Delete directory "ROOT"
  6. Delete directory "onecmdb"
  7. Start OneCMDB
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