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A unique CMDB

No knowledge of database modeling is required to use OneCMDB.

OneCMDB abstracts the CMDB designer from how Configuration Items (CIs) are stored. The designer can then focus on the organization of the CIs and their attributes and relations rather than on SQL queries and their corresponding C/C++/Java code. Configuration Items, attributes, relations etc. are managed via a Graphical User Interface. Design and maintenance of the CMDB is eased by the use of templates and an object oriented approach. Finally, the structure of the CMDB can easily be extended and modified at a later stage, even when it is in production.

OneCMDB is composed of a back-end server part (OneCMDB Core) and a web based user interface (OneCMDB Desktop). The user interface allows users to view, search and navigate the CMDB. It also allows designers to manage the CMDB's data model.

OneCMDB has open API:s that make it easy to be use by other applications like Service Desk and Change Management. As a developer, OneCMDB allows you to concentrate on the application development, rather than having to think about database interfaces and SQL.

Why choose OneCMDB?

Open Source

  • OneCMDB is available for free download and comes with source code. You may use, modify and redistribute OneCMDB under the terms of this license.

Fully and Easily Configurable

  • OneCMDB allows you to create and use the CMDB model that best fits you. OneCMDB has a set of ready-made data models, which in turn can be adapted.

Simplicity...not Complexity

  • OneCMDB enables ITIL developers to get started quickly and easily. OneCMDB features an innovative Object Oriented approach to configuration management. Developers do not need to write a single line of code to create a CMDB model. OneCMDB abstracts the developers from the underlying relational database that is used to store the configuration items. Not a single SQL statement is required.

Alternative Databases

  • OneCMDB can use different relational databases.

Best of Breed Technology

  • OneCMDB is written in Java and uses well established frameworks like Spring and Hibernate.
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