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What is OneCMDB?

OneCMDB is a configuration management database engine. It is used to create and maintain configuration databases (CMDB) as defined by the ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) best practises. OneCMDB is built around an object oriented data model that contain objects like Configuration Items (CI), Attributes and References. OneCMDB consists of a CMDB engine (OneCMDB Core) and a user/designer interface (OneCMDB Desktop) used for creating and maintaining the CMDB data model and exploring CMDB data.

What is OneCMDB Core?

OneCMDB Core is the CMDB engine. It contains the actual logic that maintains and manages the object oriented data model (CI, Attributes, References, etc.) used to create a CMDB. OneCMDB Core is a a stand-alone server waiting for requests from front-end applications (e.g. OneCMDB Desktop) and/or Service Management applications like Help Desk, Change Management, etc.

What is OneCMDB Desktop?

OneCMDB Desktop is a web application that uses OneCMDB Core to allow users to explore and modify the CMDB. It requires no coding from the CMDB designer to create and maintain the CMDB. No SQL, no C/C++ or Java is required, all is done by pointing and clicking.

Why is OneCMDB open source?

OneCMDB was originaly developed by Lokomo Systems as a part of Lokomo's Servicenter service management suite. Lokomo Servicenter provides multiple functions that support the ITIL process, the CMDB engine being only one component. Lokomo┬┤s CMDB engine proved to be lightweight and simple to but also powerful and flexible. Lokomo decided in 2007 to release the CMDB engine as open source under the name OneCMDB.

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